Inside a Volcano – The Rise of Icelandic Football

Inside a Volcano – The rise of Icelandic football

This is the unbelievable story of the golden generation of Icelandic football. An up close and personal insight into a team that made the world take notice by becoming the smallest nation ever to reach a major final in the biggest sport in the world. The documentary tells the story of a group of young boys growing up in Iceland with the unrealistic dream of playing for their nation in a big tournament one day. The story takes us from footages from the team´s biggest stars when they were kids to the remarkable qualifing campaign of Euro 2016. We go through that unbelievable journey from an insiders perspective. Seeing the team from a never before seen perspective, and sheding light on every angle off the pitch. This is the inside story of one of the biggest upsets in the history of football.

Sævar Guðmundsson
Sölvi Tryggvason
Director of Photography
Víðir Sigurðsson, Hákon Sverrisson, Ágúst Jakobsson
Sævar Guðmundsson, Úlfur Teitur Traustason
Music Composer
Les Frères Stefson
Sölvi Tryggvason, Kristín Ólafsdóttir




Documentary of the Year
Kicking and Screening – Award: Golden Whistle

Where to see it:

2018 Inside a Volcano
2017 Thinking Football Film Festival
2017 Offside Film Festival
2017 11mm Football Film Festival
2017 Trento Film Festival
2017 Kicking and Screening
2017 Cultural de Fútbol
2017 Offside Festival
2017 Przeglad Filmów
2017 Indy Film Festival
2017 Hincha Film Fest
2016 Warsaw Film Festival
2016 Northern Lights Nordic Film Festival
2016 Nordisk Panorama
2016 Lübeck Nordische Filmtage